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    Portraits of The Mirror Trap from @yaya_snd


  3. Listen/purchase: Toys by The Mirror Trap

    Currently touring Russia with Placebo.

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    every band needs its own

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    Placebo in Yekaterinburg

    If you think about the literal translation of the band name is Placebo - the drug, giving a purely psychological effect. He is clearly present!

    As part of his world tour, British band Placebo played a memorable concert in Yekaterinburg on the stage of cultural and entertainment complex “Uralets”. The opening act by the group The Mirror Trap: energetic, talented guys, touring all the planned city tour.

    The concert began with the appearance on the scene drummer Steve Forrest c bare-chested, his tattooed body caught the attention of everyone, especially girls with fan zones. Soloist of Brian Molko with his own style of music, with a flair convey emotions and complex feelings in simple terms, sincerity and tolerance won fans. Fans staged a flash mob, raising his hands with painted hearts, but looked even brighter glow sticks, bracelets, all colors of the rainbow. In turn, the musicians have presented the audience not only great music, but also arranged a laser show, and the screen behind the stage, broadcast images and geometric shapes that have fascinated people standing in the hall.

    The group performed popular hits such as «For What It’s Worth», «Every You Every Me», many remember the last song of the film “Cruel Intentions”, where the song was the soundtrack. Performed an encore «Running Up That Hill», «Infra red», «Post blue», concluding concert Molko said: «Thank you very much Yekaterinburg!»

    The entire report  here .

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  7. Rising out of Dundee, Scotland, and describing their sound as simply ‘bleak’, Vladimir entered the music scene in late 2013 and have quickly won themselves a reputation as one of Scotland’s most exciting new acts.

    Emotionally heavy and sonically dense, the 4-piece have created tightly wound layered fuzz and raw Carlos Dengler era Interpol-esque rhythms that helps them stand out from the legions of raw guitar band imitators.

    Catch more from this young band here…

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vladimirdundee
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vladimiruk
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VLADIMIRdundee

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  9. White Rabbits - I Had It Coming